DF64E Coffee Grinder

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DF64E Coffee Grinder

DF64E Coffee Grinder


DF64E Coffee Grinder

Style: Standard Steel Burr
Color: Black

The Turin DF64E is an electronic dosing grinder that is being introduced in late 2022. The Turin DF64E is similar to the Turin DF64 and is not going to replace it. The DF64 is a popular product and will continue to be made, the new version, the Turin DF64E, is simply an electronic dosing version with a hopper and will be made alongside the DF64.

Difference between the Turin DF64 and the DF64E

  • The DF64E has a colored coating vs the DF64 which has a colored vinyl wrap
  • The DF64E has wood accents, the DF64 does not
  • For grind size adjustment, the mechanism on the DF64E adjusts the bottom burr when grind size is adjusted, on the DF64 the top burr is adjusted.
  • The DF64E costs more to produce and therefore has a higher price point than the DF64, this is mainly related to the extra production cost associated with the electronic dosing features.
  • The DF64E has different dimensions, with the length and width footprint being 4.9” W by 7.3” L vs the DF64 which is 5.2” W by 10” L. Without the hopper on the DF64E is very similar in height to the DF64 at 11.5” vs 12”. With the hopper on the DF64E is 16.5 inches, which is short enough to fit under most cabinets.
  • The DF64E is not built on a slanted base like the DF64 is.


  • Width: 4.9”
  • Length: 7.3”
  • Height: 11.5” without hopper
  • Height: 16.5” with hopper only
  • Weight: 14.4 lbs
  • Adjustment: Stepless adjustment, with bottom burr adjustment, not top burr adjustment
  • Motor: 250 watts
  • Accessories: Comes with durable plastic dosing cup and rubber single dose bellows (optional)
  • Volts: 220
  • App-Controlled: NO
  • Housing Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy
  • Model Number: DF64E
  • Controls: Electronic Touch Control
  • Size in mm: L190*W120*H420mm
  • Bean hopper capacity: 225g

Three Dosing Options

The DF64E has three dosing options - single shot, double shot and manual dosing. These options can be selected from a touch screen menu. The single and double shot buttons are adjustable and when pressed the grinder will grinder for a predefined amount of time, then stop. This allows you to set the timing based on the amount of coffee you want to grind and makes this repeatable so you don't have to measure the beans prior to using the grinder. The manual option allows the user to turn the grinder on and it will grind and grind until manually stopped.


The DF64E grinder is designed for the home user that doesn't want the hassle of weighing beans that is needed with single dose grinders or for coffee shops or coffee trailers where a compact unit is ideal.

225g Hopper

The DF64E has a 225g hopper which allows you to have enough beans in the hopper for multiple drinks without the need to refill.

Optional SSP Burr Upgrades

As with the Turin DF64, we will be offering optional burr upgrades to the SSP High Uniformity or the SSP Unimodal burr sets or SSP cast burr options.

64mm Burrs

The 64mm burrs in this grinder will provide for better particle size distribution when compared to grinders with smaller burr diameters, which is a very important aspect of making the best flavored espresso possible.

Low Clumping Design

The grinder is designed to reduce clumping during the grinding cycle, which provides for a more even distribution of water during the espresso extraction process.

58mm Portafilter / Dosing Cup Holder

The grinder is designed with a portafilter rest that will allow the grinder to be used by either grinding into a dosing cup, or by grinding directly into a portafilter.

Bottom Burr Adjustment and Steady Burr Position

With the design of the top and bottom burr carriers, the distance between the burrs is designed to remain very steady and uniform throughout operation, providing for more uniform particle size distribution. With bottom burr being the one that is adjusted, the grinder can be taken apart and cleaned and put back together without messing up your grind size. It is also easier to clean the burr chamber compared to the Turin DF64 design, as cleaning involves simply removing two bolts with a metric hex wrench vs spinning a collar numerous times.

Wood Accents

Wood accents have been added to this grinder to give it a premium look and feel. The lid on the grinder as well as the top burr carrier holder are made with wood.

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