To Go Tumbler

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Volume: 240ml
Color: White
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To Go Tumbler

To Go Tumbler


To Go Tumbler

Volume: 240ml
Color: White

TO GO TUMBLER is ideal for various scenes throughout your day, going to work, driving, or relaxing. The lid is minimally structured for comfortable drinking. Vacuum insulated tumbler retains the temperature and flavor of drinks for a long time, and the tapered form allows easy carrying. A clean design featuring matte texture and calm colors, it brings relaxation to your life on the go.


  • Capacity: 240ml (8oz) / 360ml (12oz)
  • Dimensions
    • 240ml: φ86 x H90 mm (φ3.4 x H3.5 in)
      * Height of the main body (without lid) H82 mm
    • 360ml: φ86 x H128 mm (φ3.4 x H5.0 in)
  • Weight
    • 240ml: about 185 g
    • 360ml: about 230 g


  • Material: 18-8 stainless steel (powder coating) PCT resin, silicone rubber
  • Heat resistant temperature: 100 ℃
  • Dishwasher usable
  • BPA free
  • Made in China
  • Insulation effect: 65 ℃ or more (1 hour) Insulation effect: 10 ℃ or less (2 hours)
    * The heat retention effect is the temperature of hot water measured at 1 hour after putting hot water on the product at room temperature of 20 ° C ± 2 ° C and closing the lid when the temperature reaches 95 ° C ± 1 ° C. You.
    * The cool effect is the temperature of water measured at room temperature 20 ℃ ± 2 ℃, put cold water on the product, cover it when the water temperature reaches 4 ℃ ± 1 ℃ and cover it 2 hours later.
    * Add a small amount of hot water (cold water) before putting beverages, and preheat (pre-cool) for 1-2 minutes to increase the warming (cooling) effect.


  • Do not use in microwave oven or oven
  • Do not place near fire
  • When using in a dishwasher, avoid storing the product in a strong place and place it on top of equipment
  • Infants
  • Do not drop or apply strong shocks as this may cause damage or water leakage
  • Do not overfill beverages as they may overflow when closing the lid Please note
  • If the lid is not properly closed, the liquid inside may leak, so make sure that it is securely closed.
  • Attach the silicone rubber packing properly and use. Even if it is not sealed, do not carry it sideways with the contents inside.
  • The container will fall off the lid and cause damage, so please carry it
  • Thin lines may be noticeable on the surface, but they are generated during molding and are not cracks.
  • When opening the lid, pull it up to one side to make it easier to open.
  • Be careful not to get burned because the drink inside may be hot even if the part that you touch is not hot. Do not leave it in a hot place such as in a car. Do not leave the contents inside for a long time as it may cause it.
  • Do not use it for citrus juice as it may be altered by terpene contained in citrus peel.
  • To prevent rust on stainless steel Remove dirt and moisture as soon as possible, dry thoroughly, and store it away from contact with other metals.
  • Leave in water to prevent rust and damage - Do not use
  • Do not use cleanser or scrubber when cleaning
  • Do not use chlorine bleach as it may cause rust
  • If spots like rust adhere to the inside of the container, use lukewarm water Add about 10% citric acid, and after 2-3 hours, wash with a soft sponge and rinse thoroughly


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