Pearl S 2022

小販: Acaia
貨號: PS004
可用性: 缺貨
產品類別: Scale
Color: Black
小計: MOP$2,082.00
訂單滿港幣 200 元免本地標準運費
Pearl S 2022

Pearl S 2022


Pearl S 2022

Color: Black

After its introduction to the market in 2019, we have taken your feedback seriously and incorporated several changes into the updated model, called the Pearl Model S 2022. Read on for all the exciting changes.

What's New?

The new version of the Pearl Model S may appear the same, but there are quite a few new features to explore. Compared to its previous 2019 version, we have removed the Practice Mode as well as changed the Brewguide feature into a standalone mode. You can access it by scrolling through the scale similar to other modes and also toggle it on or off.

The Pearl Model S 2022's new features include:

  • USB-Type C charging
  • Weight and time notification in sound or voice: Designed for those who need auditory assistance or would like to hear notifications. This feature can be turned off. The time notification interval is 10 seconds and the weight interval is 20 g.
  • Countdown timer with three presets and plays music created by our collaboration musicians: Jeremy Kurtz-Harris and Jasmine Lin.
  • Adjustable volume
  • Countdown Timer Mode
  • Secret Music Mode

Voice And Sound

For a more accessible brewing experience, the Pearl S 2022 features brand-new voice and sound notifications. Choose to have weight and time announced at different intervals as you make your coffee or switch it to silent.

The scale's volume can also be adjusted in the settings to suit your different working environments, such as a busy cafe or quiet home.

A Musical Collaboration

For the musical components to the Pearl S 2022, we collaborated with two renowned experts to create the soundtrack to your daily coffee routine. 


New Countdown Timer Mode

The new Pearl Model S 2022 comes with 3 customizable timer presets, accessed through Countdown Timer mode. The scale can be further customized to include periodic notifications and a range of ringtone selections.

While in the mode, short tap the power button to toggle between 3 preset timers. Tap the Tare button to start/stop/reset the timer. To adjust each preset, long press the Tare button, and it will enter settings mode, where the minutes and seconds takes turn blinking. While blinking, the Tare button adds the value and cycles back to 0, and the Power button serves as confirmation.

Secret Music Mode

We’ve included a hidden secret mode! When you press and hold the Power and Tare button for 5 seconds, the 30+ ringtone music created will play consecutively in the background. Another way to personalize your routine!



Dimensions:W: 160 mm L: 160 mm H: 32 mm

Product Weight:620 g ± 5 g

Maximum Capacity:3000 g / 105.82 oz

Minimum Weight:0.1g




Display:Dot matrix LED

Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0

Sound:Beep / Melody / Voice

Modes:Weighing Only Mode
Dual Display Mode
Pour-Over Auto-Start Timer Mode
Portafilter Mode
Espresso Mode
Flowrate Mode
Brewguide Mode
Countdown Mode

App-Integrated Brewguide:Yes

Battery:Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 2200 mAh

Battery Life:16~40 hours

Power Supply:5 V / 500 mA

Power Connector:USB-C

Warranty:1 Year





自訂單到達之日起 7 天內,您可以針對某些產品要求退貨或換貨。

  • 訂單到達之日起7天內
  • 全新,未使用過
  • 標籤在原包裝和條件下完好無損
  • 銷售或促銷產品除外
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