Smart Scale II

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Smart Scale II

Smart Scale II


Smart Scale II


Simplify the science behind perfectly-brewed coffee with the Smart Scale II. Our easy-to-use, feature-rich balance includes a water-resistant coating that can measure down as low as 0.1 grams. Designed as a best-in-class tool for quality and affordability, this smart coffee scale helps you develop the artistry of coffee at home.

The scales come with six brewing modes, each featuring settings that make espresso and pour-over brewing more efficient and hands-off.

  • Auto 1:
    Full-auto espresso mode. When a cup is placed on the scale, the weight is tared and the timer begins to count up automatically.
  • Auto 2:
    Semi-auto espresso mode. When a cup is placed on the scale, the weight is tared but the timer must be started manually. When a cup is removed, time and weight return to zero.
  • Auto 3:
    Alternative semi-auto espresso mode. When a cup is placed on the scale, the weight is tared.
  • Auto 4:
    Alternative full-auto espresso mode. When a cup is placed on the scale, the weight is tared. When the scale detects the first drops of espresso, the timer begins automatically,
  • Hand 1:
    Auto pour over mode. When the brewing vessel is placed on the scale, the weight is tared. When coffee grounds are added, the weight is tared after 3 seconds.
  • Hand 2:
    Manual pour over mode. You start the timer and tare the scale when necessary.


  • USB Rechargeable Battery
    Never Worry about Batteries again! (Don't Overcharge)
  • 0.1g Detection 
    Brew espresso or coffee with incredible precision.
  • Built-In Timer 
    Eliminates the need for a separate timer and can automatically turn on.
  • 6 Brewing Modes 
    Makes espresso and pour-over brewing more efficient with automatic timers and hands-free taring.
  • Water-Resistant Nano-Coat 
    A handy feature that enables you to leave the scale on an espresso drip tray without fear of drowning it. Easy to grip when wet.
  • Silicone protective pad 
    helps protect the scale from water spillage and surface scratches


  • Capacity: 2000g / 70oz
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm high
  • Unit: grams (g) / ounces (oz)
  • Display: LCD with backlight
  • Auto-off
    • Auto-off is set to 180 seconds by default
    • Auto-off can be set to 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 second, or disable manually
  • Operating modes: 4 Automatic modes and 2 Manual modes
  • Power: Rechargeable battery

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