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Style: Standard Stainless Steel Burr
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Grinder GO

Grinder GO


Grinder GO

Style: Standard Stainless Steel Burr

The latest grinder from the folks at TIMEMORE features an innovative design for home users who wants to have control over the grind size and grind quality but with less effort compared to a manual hand grinder. Launched in June 2021, it features a high precision metal burr design similar to its range of hand grinders that is easy and simple to adjust the grind settings. A rechargeable lithium ion battery source allow for quick and consistent grinding at home, or on the go, up to 30 grinds on each single charge.

Convenient Anywhere At Home

  • No need for the socket
  • Desktop space-saving
  • Put it on any table of the house to become a family coffee bar.



  • Product Size: 20×8cm. (Height = iPad Mini Height. Diameter = 1/2 iPad Mini Width.)
  • Product Weight: 660g. Only 38g heavier than C40 hand grinder.
  • Product Color: Matte Black. Can store coffee beans.
  • Bean Tank: 80g
  • Power Bin: 60g. 15g×4 = grind four servings one time.
  • Electric Motor: DC motor, no-load revolutions 80±10% RPM.
  • Rated Voltage: DC 7.4V
  • Rated Power: 20W
  • Battery: 3.7V 800mAh×2
  • Charging Port: USB TYPE-C
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Glass + PCGT + ABS + PP
  • Grinder Burr: E&B Stainless Steel Conical Burr (Standard) /  38mm Titanium-Coated Conical (Advanced)
  • Duty Cycle: 400g/Charge
  • Please Note: Not recommended to use it for Espresso and grind light roasted coffee beans.
  • Conical Burrs & Suitable For: 38mm Pentagonal SUS420 E&B & Moka Pot-Pour Over-Electric Drip-French Press
  • Single Max Grind & Effective Adjustment Range: 60g medium roasted beans & ttl 16 clicks from clicks-0 to clicks-16
  • Electric Motor & Labor-Saving & Efficiency & Weight - Diameter × Height × Handle: YES & Top & Middle & 660g - 8×20×0cm
  • Sweetness - Subjective Feature: 4
  • Body - Subjective Feature: 4
  • Balance - Subjective Feature: 4
  • Aftertaste - Subjective Feature: 4
  • Flavor - Subjective Feature: 4.5
  • Clean Cup - Subjective Feature: 3.5
  • Application Scenarios: Home freshly ground multiple servings coffee brewing solutions.

Dependable & Convenient

Timemore has been building a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products with a strong focus on affordability, and the bar has been raised once again with the Grinder Go Advanced. Offering the same, reliable particle uniformity that has come to be expected of Timemore, the Go Advanced provides the convenience of battery operation in a quiet, compact package. Keep it plugged in on your countertop for a hands-free grinding experience in the morning, or pack it in the included carrying case for consistently satisfying coffee wherever you go.

Consistency Is Key

The Grinder Go Advanced is fitted with the newly designed E&B Burrs which feature what Timemore is calling the S2C (Spike-to-Cut) principle. These burrs, designed and manufactured by Timemore, allow for secondary cutting during grinding. Coupled with a dual bearing stabilization system, a more consistent particle uniformity is achieved, resulting in a cleaner brew. To further aid in grind consistency, the burrs rotate at a mere 80 RPM, mitigating pesky fines that might otherwise muddle, or worse, clog your brews, and the titanium coating ensures a longer lifespan than standard, stainless steel burrs found in many other grinders.

Advanced Technologies

Perhaps one of the most intriguing characteristic of the Grinder Go Advanced is its Smart Auto-Swing Technology. This feature detects any possible obstruction and prompting the burrs to rotate back and forth before returning to normal, forward rotation, loosening any material such as lightly-roasted, dense beans that might cause the burrs to slow. This is a clever and practical quality when grinding for finer applications like a Moka pot or the Aeropress. It’s undeniable that Timemore has taken the best aspects of both manual and electric grinders to make your daily brewing routine as pleasant and efficient as possible with the Grinder Go Advanced.

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